Company Profile

Innovative Dutch creates strategy simulation games for higher and professional education. Experience for real how it feels to be an innovative and entrepreneurial leader with the strategy simulation games of Innovative Dutch.

Immerse yourself in strategic decision-making and see how your company gets rewarded with profits or has to deal with losses. Be inspired to become better every round. Collaborate with your team mates and receive personalized feedback. You will learn to analyze every detail of your strategy on a virtual platform and the impact of successful innovation will be visible right away. Follow the rankings of your company and see how your decisions have had an influence on your company’s performance. Peer over the shoulders of colleagues and teams, follow the progress of your company and competitors online and see how an excellent innovation strategy can make a huge difference.

Innovative Dutch: serious games for serious professionals.

Our mission:
It is our mission to educate (future) professionals about the limitless possibilities of organizational growth when they are aware of their innovative and creative intellectual capacities, are able to employ that capacity in various contextes and are able to bring out the best of that capacity in others.

Our vision:
Innovation has always been and will always be. It is non-existent. It is not important to change, because it is impossible not to change. The only thing important is how to change. A deeper understanding of innovation and how it works – innovation management – will give you the advantage to change faster and better than others and to be one step ahead, one step closer to consumers and one step closer to a sustainable world. The next five years will be dominated by the experience economy, a further digitalisation, a world of big data, always being online and a stronger involvement of the consumers: co-creation. It is time to prepare your organization for these trends.

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Innovation Management Game - Entrepreneurship Game