Entrepreneurship Game

Always thought starting up a business is your thing?

In this game you’ll have the change to participate in a simulated startup bootcamp: a unique chance to launch your own idea, find out who the ideal customers are, validate your first prototype and start crowdfunding your business idea.

Why Innovative Dutch?

Personalized feedback for players and teams during the game.

Cognitive game dynamics created by multidisciplinary teams of scientists.

We help you to align the game to your course and to design assignments for grading.

A unique tool that combines competition, fun and theory.

Professional assistance and customization.

Accreditation-proof and examination possibilities.

Demo & Downloads

Are you interested in learning more about this game? Download the following materials:

Example Course Programs and Schedules.
Background Infographic on the theories used in the game including assignments per role and round
Flyer of the Entrepreneurship Game.
Full Instruction Guide with the concepts of the game.
Demo of the Innovation Management Game.


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Meet some of our clients:

Ballast Nedam, International construction company, Utrecht, The Netherlands
72b85bbc7e0c_sebrae03SEBRAE, Brazilian Organization for Micro and Small Entreprises RoboCup-2013-Eindhoven-University-of-TechnologyEindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Uni_Kent_June2010_DSC5022University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom univindustrialdesantander03s0xUniversidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia




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Innovative Dutch creates strategy simulation games, business simulations and management games for students in innovation and entrepreneurship.