Innovation Management Game

Ready to run an Innovation Department? In this game-based program you will manage a medium-sized company producing high-tech products in the healthcare sector. Will you be able to grow your business to the become an innovation leader in the market?

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Key theories: Idea Generation, Creativity Management, Innovation Portfolio Management, New Product Development, Marketing, Branding, Co-Creation, Open Innovation, Business Model Innovation, Innovation Management, Innovation Cultures and many more.

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What our clients say:

Yvonne Kirkels PhD, professor at Fontys University of Applied Sciences

At Fontys University of Applied Sciences / Business Management SMEs in The Netherlands, we played the Innovation Management Game with fourth year students. We wanted them to get a quick impression of all the wide-ranging concepts related to innovation. We therefore chose to play the game in two weeks at the beginning of the course. The result, students acquired knowledge of innovation theory much sooner and profounder than if we would have relied on lectures alone.

Some of our clients:

How to play?


Running the simulation daily or weekly as an add-on to a university course, online or blended.

Especially developed for Bachelor/Master business students and MBA students.


Combine with half-day, full-day or multiple-day workshops for training and reflection, fully facilitated by our experts.

Intermediate battles, assignments & quizes.


Integrate innovation theory sessions, online course material, literature suggestions, to further develop innovation skills.

Webinars, sessions, online courses.


Higher Education
per participant (min. 20)
  • 6 rounds & learning material
  • Online platform / blended learning
  • Course integration, facilitation guide
  • Assignments and certification
  • Excluding webinars/lectures
Short Courses
Upon Request
half-day or full-day packages
  • 3-6 rounds of simulation included
  • Fully tailored workshop program
  • Individual feedback by our experts
  • On location, blended or online
  • Including pre-pack and assignments
Upon Request
from 2 days to 6 weeks
  • Customized program
  • Online, blended or on location
  • From 2 days to 6 weeks
  • Personal Coaching
  • Organisational branding

About the creator:

Jan Spruijt is the creator of the Innovation Management Game and founder of Innovative Dutch. Jan is an industrial engineer and senior lecturer in innovation management at Avans University.
Jan is a frequent speaker on events, a TED-alumni, passionate blogger and a guest lecturer at many top universities.

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