Ready to run an Innovation Department?

Are you a team leader, a visionary leader, a product manager or all three of them? In this game you will start as a member of an innovation department of a medium-sized company producing high-tech products in the healthcare sector. Will you be able to grow to the best in the market?

Stimulate Classroom Engagement with our Award-Winning Simulations on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Awarded as a Top 10 Game Worldwide

So great that the Innovation Management Game was rewarded as one of the best business learning games in world at the International Business Learning Games Competition in Lisbon in september 2018!


Follow in the footsteps of giants…

At Fontys University of Applied Sciences / Business Management SMEs in The Netherlands, we played the Innovation Management Game with fourth year students. We wanted them to get a quick impression of all the wide-ranging concepts related to innovation. We therefore chose to play the game in two weeks at the beginning of the course. The result, students acquired knowledge of innovation theory much sooner and profounder than if we would have relied on lectures alone.

Why Innovative Dutch?

Personalized Feedback for players and teams during the game.

Cognitive game dynamics created by a multidisciplinary team of scientists.

We help you align the game to your course and design assignments for grading.

A unique tool that combines fun, competition and learning.

Professional assistance and customization.

Accreditation-proof and examination possibilities.


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per participant
  • 6 rounds
  • Including Feedback
  • Introduction Webinar
  • Full library access
  • 24/7 Service
per participant + €499,- per workshop
  • All of the before and…
  • Expert Feedback
  • Course integration & customization
  • Demo round
  • Assignments or case integrated
per participant / 7-week online course
  • All of the before and…
  • 7-week online course
  • 60-minute lectures
  • In-company and custom-made
  • Certification

Minimum order is 20.

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