Some quotes from our clients:

  • “We enjoyed the Innovation management Game very much. As we already mentioned before, we are competitive students and liked this course design. Every week on Monday we were checking our emails every hour, to check if the game was already played to analyze our results.”

  • “Also we learned to look critical at the literature and find articles that add/confirm or contradicts the theory. We learned about how and under what conditions to apply theory into practice.”

  • “The game experience was awesome and it was engaging to play the game to the extent that the exchange student in our group said he is definitely going to remember the open innovation game from his time in TUE.”

  • “The key learnings from the game for us were especially the multidimensionality of the innovation process inside a company and the idea that companies can influence their innovation success in many different ways.”

  • “We are very enthusiastic about the game and we learned a lot of the decisions that had to be made to become a good innovative company.”

  • “The game was fun and educative at the same time.”

  • “It offers us an overview of many possibilities, means and paths to stimulate innovation, creativity and open innovation within the firm.”

  • “It introduces innovation in a learning environment and it is completely different than just learning theory.”

  • “Playing it has been really grateful. This game proposes a truly different experience, providing a real-life understanding of a company, as well as a broader comprehension of managerial decisions.”

  • “Throughout the course and mainly by playing the Innovation Management game, we have learnt to make decisions as a group, being able to overcome our personal differences and beliefs.”

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