Innovation Management Game@ Aalto University         Time: EEST         Round:          Team:

Below, you’ll find the documents and links needed for this round. The documents and links will automatically be visible when a new round opens.

Time (EEST)ActivityDeadlineFacilator
09.00Opening by Monika Torkki
09.05Introduction of the game by Jan
09.45Play Round 1Submit results before 10.30Available
10.30Coffee BreakNot available
10.45Play Round 2Submit results before 11.30Available
11.30Prepare 1-minute Strategy PitchNot Available
11.451-minute pitches (to each other)Not Available
12.00Play Round 3Speed round: submit results before 12.15Available
12.15Lunch BreakNot available
13.15Feedback Session
14.00Play Round 4Submit results before 14.45Available
14.45Individual AssignmentNot available
15.15Play Round 5Speed round: submit results before 15.30Available
15.30Share learnings from individual assignmentNot available
15.45Grand Finale