Value Proposition

Below you’ll find an overview of your current value proposition, seen from the eyes of the customer. Also, you will find an Expert Review of your proposition based on 6 different specifications. These product specifications are a direct results of your VP-decisions. Also, you’ll find your current product-market fit.

Customer Segments

Below you’ll find information about your customer segment. The higher your research score, the more you’ll uncover about the customer segment.



Team Strategies


0. We came up with a new product, we want to make a necklace which tells you if you are contributing to the global warming or not. For example if you use the car your necklace goes to a red color or gives you a bad score. But if you use a bike your necklace goes green or gives you a good score. This way you get reminded of your own actions and people around you can also see it. 1. Our company is against global warming and we make products for people who want to support our mission. We want to influence the society to think about our ecological footprint. If people wear our product, other people get reminded about the things the do and use on daily bases. 2. Our target group are younger people who wan’t to make an impact in the world. Also we are targeting people who think about the society and are trying to convince other people to do something about the current global warming. 3. We want to make them aware of the things they do on daily bases. For exampla driving by car or by bike. Or going out for a run instead of using electronics. 4. Our main goal is to change the way people think and that we as a community do somehing about the global warning. Our end goal is to reduce the global warning and to achive the 1.5% global warning goal. 5. Our team values are focusing on the people / caring about your community, sustainability and to make a difference in the world. We believe that together we can make an impact in the world and the people around us.

Explain in more detail what your company is standing for. We have changed our product idea. The new Product is an application for song writing/music. Firstly, you give details about your personal biography, e.g. what kind of genre/ music you like, what instruments you play etc. Then the app creates a community where you are put together with musicians with similar interests. You can participate in challenges where the app sends every member of your community a request/notification where it gives a certain genre of music and a topic the song should focus on (The sea, Love, etc…).. So, each member gets their personal task, but they are all for the chosen topic that the app sends you. The songwriter now has to write lyrics for the topic, the guitarist has to come off with chords for the song and so on. It’s like a challenge/game that you do within your community. To make it more personal, once you get the notification of the topic for the song of the week, every member of the community has the change to add more words that define the topic more detailed and give the songwriter more input. You then have a time frame of one week to send in your product (send a recording of the “song” that you created) After the week you meet up virtually within your community and start to put the song together and play it as a band. You can then decide as a community if you want to continue working on the song and make it professional so you can post the finished product within the app or you can just leave it as a fun project of the week and request the next challenge for the next week. What target groups (customer segments) are you aiming for and why? People that are interested in making music (all age groups) and work in a group. The second target group we are aiming for are the people who love to listen to (personal) music. What value do you want to bring to them? Values for the first target: teamwork, patience, problem solving, creativity, being innovative. Values for the second target: being empathic, personal, What are important future milestones for your company? Our company would love to reach one thousand subscribers. Our company would love to finish a song in every genre. After two years we would like to have enough revenue to cover our initial investment and have a small profit. What are your core team values and why are these important for your company? Why? Open communication, focus on goals and results, creativity, willingness to learn, respect. This core team values are important to us because we want to create a respectful environment and a harmonic team atmosphere that encourages everyone to become more creative.

Our company is standing for the adventurous way of life and to see out of the box. An adventurer needs the best equipment to go safe and comfortable, that’s what Croft Corporation wants to bring. We create solutions that make life easier Our target customers are men and women between 15 and 60 years old with an average income and who love adventure. Customers who like to go backpacking, birdwatching, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, safaris, sailing and surfing. The company aim is to guarantee to solve real problems for the adventurers and functionality. The product is able to save a lot of time due to the sight you can achieve with these pairs of glasses. In addition, it is very effective on what it is supposed to do and allows so much flexibility to the carrier. The next steps that Croft Corporation wants to follow are moving forward in creating some innovations that make your life easier and better. We defined five values, based on common brainstorming. Specifically, they are these – Fairness, Growth, Creativity, Reliability and joy. These values are important because it helps us to live with direction and purpose – Like a guilding compass. We also very care about the team atmosphere, we want everyone to feel good, to be integrated, and to be involved and motivated. For example, we don’t want someone to be excluded, does not feel in his or her place, that he or she does not dare to express his or her ideas when that could be of great help to us. We want everyone to be heard and listened.

Explain in more detail what your company is standing for. Nexus Co is standing for a more connected world, we really want to offer the opportunity for working people to create bonds and exchange ideas in order to build the future world together. We create tools to make you more efficient and flexible so that you can focus on action and interaction. What target groups (customer segments) are you aiming for and why? We target young working people that put the words to facts, we aim for people that evolve in groups and enjoy connecting and create with their pairs. They live in cities and have high income, most of the time they are young adults without children. They work as managers or have long career goals. What value do you want to bring to them? Personalized service, high users’ feedback, customization, flexibility. What are important future milestones for your company? We want to reach 80% product-market fit, performance and quality at 75% of expert reviews. What are your core team values and why are these important for your company? We care about DEEP DEMOCRACY inside the company, so it is very important for us to create together and include everyone. This allows us to promote a product adapted for different people, and we make everyone feel important among the others. We value RESPONSIBILITY so that we embrace opportunities to contribute.

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Explain in more detail what your company is standing for. – Our company really stands for connecting people through places. It is all about meeting new people and cultures, without innovating too much. Our service is easy to use for every age group, even for the people who are a bit uncomfortable with new technologies. The goal after this whole travel experience is to develop your inner self and to connect with other people. What target groups (customer segments) are you aiming for and why? – We are aiming for a target group including people who are willing to develop themselves through connecting with people they choose. It does not matter how young or old you are, if you are willing to grow while traveling this will be the right opportunity. What value do you want to bring to them? – We want to make people feel comfortable while using our app. Customers can choose which questions they want to answer in order to create the perfect travel group. So, basically customers are able to personalize their use of the app. Even people who are not familiar with technology can use this app, because of the structured set-up. What are important future milestones for your company? – Our most important future milestone is to create a community that shares the same values and interests. We want to have a positive impact on peoples lives through traveling. And of course, a milestone for us would be to have an impact on an international level in the travel industry. What are your core team values and why are these important for your company? – It is all about people; we stand for humanizing our product. – We are passionate about our work; this is why the company started, so our team has to be passionate about traveling and connecting people. As a team, we are proud of what we accomplish. – We are dreaming big; it is important for us to avoid small thinking, because only in this way we will grow as a company. Traveling has no limits, and so do we. – Honesty and integrity; building truthful and honest relationships within our team, ensures that we also radiate this to our customers.


Key Resources, Activities & Partners

Throughout the game, you’ll have the chance to increase your expertise on your key resources, activities and partners. The better your performance, the more likely you’ll be to achieve finance in the last round.

Customer Relationships & Channels

Below you’ll find an overview of your sales funnel and capital injections – a direct results of your investments in marketing & sales.

Overall Ranking

Below, you’ll find some extra awards that are handed out throughout the game and your overall EntrePulse.