Value Proposition

Below you’ll find an overview of your current value proposition, seen from the eyes of the customer. The customers are ranking your value proposition on 6 different product specifications. These product specifications are a direct results of your VP-decisions. Moreover, you’ll find your current product-market fit.

Customer Segments

Below you’ll find information about your customer segment. The higher your research score, the more you’ll uncover about the customer segment.





– A platform on which people can interact with eachother and make their lives easier. – We did not unlock any additional information. That’s why we decided to specify in the things we know already, and take some more risk. – We have a concept of the idea – It’s a platform, so we can run ads. Also there is a premium option, because we reach out for maximum quality – No, we need to do some more research and unlock more information on our persona.

Explain your product idea in a few sentences. What is your unique value proposition, why is your solution different than solutions of other teams and worth paying attention to? The product is a bracelet on the wrist that uses holograms as interface and works like a phone or even computer with many functions. the Value proposition is To simplify the customers life, making our products functional, innovative with personalized experience. Removing the risk of losing or breaking devices. the solution of ours gives the customer the feeling like he is in the center of innovation. The device we offer plants the seed to a new IT technology age. How will you change your strategy this round? Explain how and why you divided your budget over the different building blocks of the canvas. Our strategy will be to keep working on our product while finding a way to improve the value proposition of our company. We have decided to spend less credits on the Value proposition but focus on the points we though are more important. As we can’t lose information, we asked for different research so that we will see the customers needs in a different way. As we are supposed to be a small company, we have invested into partnerships activities to earn different skills from other company and improve our key resources. Did you change your perspective on the customer segment? What ‘unfair advantages’ do you have over your competitors in trying to reach them? We didn’t really change our perspective on the customer segment, but we got more into the customers segments’ behavior. We sorted different types behavior into segment groups: Student between 18-25 and working people between 25-45. The unfair advantages we have over our competitors are is that we are always looking for new information about our customers through inbuilt tracking en usability testing. Besides that, we have built up credibility and thus have more room to experiment as our customers are already loyal. What is your revenue model? How does that align to the VP and CS? By investing in cost leadership, we reduce our production cost to a minimum and produce in the most efficient way. Since our credibility as a company is outstandingly high and we want to provide a product of high quality we also use our brand name as a selling point. With these two strategies combined we can reduce our costs while keeping our prices a bit higher which will result in higher profit. In addition, we will be implementing ads into the interface. In the context of our VP, we focus on something simple and functional while still providing a high quality and a personalized experience which works with the premium model. To improve the quality, we invest in in-built tracking and usability test which also helps us provide a premium product. Is your team ready for growth? What skills do you need in order to improve your team? Our team has maximum attitude, so we decided to focus on Skills, Knowledge and Experience to make sure our team is ready for growth. In terms of our partners, we’ve decided to focus on making the product cheaper. We did this by investing in the supply chain and CVC. If we look at our resources, our investments show we are ready to focus on the MVP and really improve our production processes. We’ve spend points on TQM and Lean Management.

Explain your product idea in a few sentences. What is your unique value proposition, why is your solution different than solutions of other teams and worth paying attention to? our product is a licensing software. Within this licensing software it is possible to see a clear overview of all the software present per department, or the whole organization. Throughout our dashboards you see an overview of all the applications that are present in your organization. Further you can deep dive in that software and track the usage as well as the financial aspects of the software. You have a clear overview and balance between your software and money. How will you change your strategy this round? We wil focus more on the personal aspects of our client, rather than the product. Explain how and why you divided your budget over the different building blocks of the canvas. As I said in the previous question, we made a balance between our product segments and our customer segments. This is why we have divided our credits. Did you change your perspective on the customer segment? No What ‘unfair advantages’ do you have over your competitors in trying to reach them? We have all the information about our client. Also person information. Is your team ready for growth? What skills do you need in order to improve your team? Our team is curtain ready for growth. We believe that in order to grow you have to fail. No that we have failed we can grow into a better team and organization

We are focusing on a product that creates a personal experience for the users. It is important to us that the user really experiences the “wow”-factor. Our strategy is based on minimalizing costs and maximalizing profits. We are accomplishing this by getting rid of all the activities that do not contribute to the customers experience. With this strategy we will create high-quality products for our valued customers.

Our product idea is a smart watch which helps our customers with day to day tasks, the unique value proposition of our product is about the user and helps them being a better version of themselves. The watch is nothing on its own, but in combination with the customer it shines as THE tool for all your day to day tasks. This time we decided to cut out all the value propositions which had little points last time and upped some lower ones. We hope to cut out unnecessary value propositions to gain a higher product market fit. Research stays mostly the same as we scored many points for it previously. We did safe a little bit more to spend it on improving our team skills, which the remainder of our budget went to Our perspective did not change a lot on customer segments. We decided that some topics weren’t relevant anymore, but we still have to keep investing in customer segments, because it will positively impact our profit later on. Our advantage is the detailed knowledge we have about our customer, therefore it’s much easier to fill in the BMC. Our revenue model is to get a cheap product on the market to beat the competitors. Because of low revenue from lower prices we choose to implement advertisement in our product to gain some profits, this money earned allows to price to be lower. We are not yet ready to take the next step in our company, because our value proposition isn’t accurate enough yet. We are confident that we can focus on growth next round. Skills that are important to improve in our team are goal-setting, communication(to keep everything organized) and total team involvement so everyone contributes in the company.

Our product is an app for your smartwatch where you can exchange contact information in one second, this way you won’t lose the contact information from the other person and the chance of losing a physical business card is way bigger. Our product is also a practical way to actual problems like losing the business cards and it connects your social connections. Our solution is the best because it’s never been discovered before and it’s a unique invention. We divided our points differently and focussed more on the product specification because we scored quite low on it and just increased the points from 3 to 5 on the budget blocks. For the customer segment we focussed more on finding out what our customers really want and the unfair advantage that we have is the knowledge of many advisers and expertise’s. The revenue model that we chose are ad supported, installed base and cost leader ship. How do these revenue models align to the customer segment is very simpel. For ad supported the costumers can see the ads with information, so they dont need to go to the website to be informed, the segment would be for 25 years to 50. As for installed base the costumers can be rewarded for participating. For the cost leadership the costumers are getting a good quality product for a good price, this way they save more money to spend on other things. The team is ready for growth, but the only skill we need to improve is the way we are making decisions, so basically taking more risks.

SportsLife stands for work athletes. People who help others and work very hard, but not always have time for tracking their health. We offer them a sweatband to track their lifestyle choices and keep in shape. Our unique value propersition is that our wearable is a sweatband that is really comfortable, with the latest technology innovations. We changed our strategy by learning from our feedback and engaging functionallity this time. We also chose different recources and added points to profits. We didn’t change anything in customer segments, this is because we already have all the information of our customer. Our revenue model is based on cost leadership and a installed base. This makes our product cheaper than its competition, with a solid established base. This is aligned with our VP because we create a simple product that is very solid in usability. Our customers doesn’t like unexpected cost. This is why we want to have the price advantage over our competition. Our procust is also a one time purchase. We are ready to grow as a team. This is because we invest in the education and employee involvement. We also stand for collegiality and critial thinking. This is because we are loyal and want a good healty relationships between our employees.

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Key Resources, Activities & Partners

Throughout the game, you’ll have the chance to increase your expertise on your key resources, activities and partners. The better your performance, the more likely you’ll be to achieve finance in the last round.

Customer Relationships & Channels

Below you’ll find an overview of your sales funnel and capital injections – a direct results of your investments in marketing & sales.

Overall Ranking

Below, you’ll find some extra awards that are handed out throughout the game and your overall EntrePulse.