Value Proposition

Below you’ll find an overview of your current value proposition, seen from the eyes of the customer. The customers are ranking your value proposition on 6 different product specifications. These product specifications are a direct results of your VP-decisions. Moreover, you’ll find your current product-market fit.

Customer Segments

Below you’ll find information about your customer segment. The higher your research score, the more you’ll uncover about the customer segment.


Customer Jobs:John wants a product that help him builds more muscles, that makes him feels independent and bring him to the next level. 

Pains:  John doesn’t like when people think the watch is cheap or the watch isn’t best watch in the market.

Gains: The life of John would be much better because everyone will see he can afford a watch. When the company will bring a new watch on the market John will buy it as firstone.

VP Cards: 

1. Superiority

2. Status

3. Personality

4. Mastery

5. Experiences

6. Engaging Technology

7. Engaging Functionality

8. Functionality

9. Personalized Service

10. Conservation

Team Strategy:

Our product is a fashionable premium smart wearable gene changing watch. The watch helps stimulating muscle growth by the following steps: analyse personal body composition, customized software, enhancing muscle gains on specific body type. For instance, chancing the protein synthesis based on your body type. Our product is different, because we offer better quality, more features and specific software based on body type. Our strategy is mainly focused on expanding our research, so we have a 100% product-market fit. Furthermore, we focused mainly on status, superiority and personality so we can offer a premium product. We divided our budget over the block with our focus in mind. We didn’t change our customer segment vision, because we were already on our road to success. We offer premium products which comes with a premium price. Besides that, we offer a subscription that offers a customized service. The service gives detailed training schedules and tracks your body functions, like heart rate, temperature and blood composition (oxygen etc.). The premium price is in line with our premium high-quality product. The watch offers innovative features and is very fashionable. By using a subscription-based model, we can offer our customer a customized service to immerse their experience. Due to a premium price we can afford extensive research and meet our customers’ demands by offering continuous innovative products. We have specialised people in our team which enables us to teach our colleagues on how to handle growth. For example, if there is a higher demand for employees within our company. Team managers have to be ready to give the right functions and assign the right tasks. We are ready to set up the market!

Customer Jobs: We’ve called our persona Alicia. She’s not fully convinced in Gene-technology based wearable. She’s not looking for the cheap/easy solution. Alicia is trying to always be one step ahead and showing others how to do things the right way. 

Alicia loves to share with like minded people about the right way to go and she also loves to hear and see how the people try to have a positive influence. 

Gains: The gains Alicia gets out of this its that it brings people together and helps improve the future of people’s life.

Pains:  Alicia doesn’t like unfair business because it puts other people down.

VP Cards: 

1. Environmental Sensitivity

2. User Communities

3. Conservation

4. Communities

5. Personalized Service

6. Safety

7. Simplify Experiences

8. Status

9. Ease of Use

10. Try before you Buy

Team Strategy:

Our product idea is a new innovative glasses with gene technologies. What makes our product different for the market is the style of the product. People want to pay more for our product because it gives them a kind of status compared to the competitors in the market. Our revenue model is simple, we will set up the selling price of the good by adding profits and overhead charges to our cost price. We can set high prices because of the superior quality of our product. Moreover, people are willing to pay for products of such quality like this glasses, then we will be able to establish a margin between our purchases and our sales. Our team is ready for growth. We have a young team with lots of ideas and we have a good product that is likely to penetrate many markets. We think our team could be more: Analysing: to better understand the customer and make a product that suits him better Efficient: to work more efficiently without wasting time on things that don’t matter Proactive: to bounce back more easily and make product changes after customer reviews Strategic: to make choices may be riskier but could help us to develop a product that corresponds to the customer Currently, we believe that we have no ‘unfair advantages’ to our competitors. Our description about our customer is really vague and incomplete. This is also seen in the content of the pains and gains of our customer description. Therefore, it is hard for us to go with one customer segment. If we look at the other team, we’ve noticed that they have far more discovered traits that their customer likes. This is due to the fact that they put a lot of points in research. So did we (80 points each round), but this still resulted in us only having 4 discovered traits. A mere fraction of what the other companies. In conclusion, we do not have any advantages with regards to our competitors. “Our strategy for this round is different in comparison to the previous rounds. In the previous rounds, we mainly focused on research. We have now obtained information about our customers, but there are still some things to discover. That is why we also will spend points on research this round, but not as much as in the earlier rounds. We want to focus on other parts of the model right now. Our most important goal is to focus on putting a product together. So the points will be mainly used for value proposition.”

Customer Jobs: We’ve called our persona Jim. Jim may be interested in a wearable that is based on gene-technology. Jim has been an experimental personal all his life. For example. Jim was the first person to buy a drone in his neighborhood, but sadly crashed it after a week. When his neighbors asked, he said he did not like the look of it anyway and therefore it did not matter to him.

Pains: His neighbors were a bit astounded by Jim’s lack of care in regards to the drone but as Jim always says: ”It’s not about reaching the top of the mountain but the way towards it.”. After one these fun days of experimenting, Jim likes to relax in his Fritz Hansen chair, smoke an eco-friendly cigar and listen to the newest hits of Ariana Grande, which just came out that day.

Gains: Jim made a lot of friends while being as reckless as he his. Not that Jim cares, because Jim knows that he will have friends in the end. The people that do not like Jim is the bank. Jim has debts that are only increasing instead of decreasing and the bank is considering to freeze Jim’s assets. Jim made a fortune in the dotcom bubble but is also burning money as if it grows on trees.

VP Cards:

1. Engagint technology

2. Engaging functionality

3. Experiences

4. Superiority

5. Personalized service

6. Styling

7. Customization

8. Functionality

9. Automate experiences

10. Status

Team Strategy:

The unique value of the hidden gem (THG) that will be given to millennials is a watch that makes them feel much more confident, helps them to live their live in a fit way and bring them to the next level of confidence. Instead of focussing on only value proposition and customer segments the hidden gem has divided the points between the different blocks. THG hasn’t changed their perspective on the customer segment, the competitors aren’t focussed as much as THG so this is a benefit for THG. The revenue model is to sell the product with 50% profit, the millennials will buy the product anyway because it makes them feel much more confident, helps them to liver their live in a fit way and makes them feel much more confident. THG is ready to grow and take over the world with the product, to improve the team THG is looking for a marketing specialist. THG is considering to take on the current marketing specialist of Apple.

Customer Jobs:We have called our persona Paul. Paul is a very adventurous type when it comes to his lifestyle. He is highly interested in a wearable that is based on gene technology. Paul isn’t afraid to try new things. He’s always looking for the latest trends and products when it comes to technology and innovation.
He doesn’t care about the product as much as the experience that the products give. Paul pursues the products that spark his interests most. After creating his own experience he will be able to influence others in their decision making.

Pains: Paul likes to live new experiences. He also likes to learn new stuff. He wants an wearable that can facilitate him with new things. He is willing to learn about the intricacies about an new wearable. He would be happy if he could go outside for have a walk.

Gains: Paul is currently a very experienced buyer. He loves new features and is very interested in new things. But Paul is afraid that the new things he buys have few to zero new features. The new things needs to give him a new adventure. Paul is afraid that the new things he buys don’t give him the new adventure as before, when he was young.

VP Cards: 

1. not uncovered yet

2. Personality

3. Engaging technology

4. Experience

5. Environmental Sensitivity

6. Mastery

7. Superiority

8. Simplicity

9. Styling

10. Status

Team Strategy:

question 1: our product is an online webstore for student books. the students can get a subscription on our bookstore and save a lot of money on this. our value proposition is that books will be way cheaper and more students have books available for themselves so that they can still study our use the material whenever they need it, instead of not wanting to payfor the books. what makes us better than our competitors is that we are cheaper, and more focused on the problems and struggles our target group face. question 2: we changed our strategy based on the results of the dashboard, we wanted to imrpvoe our pricing, because that is our value proposition, we wanted to improve quality, so that the students understand and are willing to switch to our service. the performance needed to be better so its attractive to our customers and so it puts us ahead of the competitors. at last our focus was on quality, because we think having a good quality, will satifsy our customers and will complete our service. we devided our credits this way because with our knowledge, we expect these factors to boost the areas in which we are aiming to improve. we have 19 credits left and not used because we are testing if less expenses will reduce the costs for the customers. question 3: we did, we went from being practical and having good usabilty, to the other KPI’s, because we did have a good advantage over most of our competitors here. question 4: our revenue model is subscriptions, this aligns to our value proposition because it reduces costs for students. they now can have a cheaper monthly or weekly subscription for a book/books, which will always be cheaper than a 1 time purchase price of the same books. question 5: we are ready to grow, the skills which we need more is focus on all areas. we are already settled and have a decent market fit, so with minor adjustment and small upgrades within our company, we will be able to grow and improve everything within the company.


Customer Jobs:

We’ve called our persona Pablo. Pablo is a very motivated and humble student. Pablo is interested in building relationships when buying a product, it is difficult for him to find a product to trust in. He’s doesn’t necessarily want something thats very luxury and expensive but just wants something that is easy to use. He likes to say where it stands on and when he’s not happy about something he’ll tell you. He is a guy who can buy something that’s really expensive but it doesn’t need to be maxed out with all kind of extra options, but only the necessary options.

Gains: Pablo’s life would be much easier if there is an product that fits his needs. Something easy to use and a brand in which he can trust. He doesn’t want anything that is really complex.

Pains: he cannot find any suitable products for demands? they are always too expensive or they do too many unnecassary things which he does not like.

VP Cards: 

1. not uncovered yet

2. Loyalty programs

3. Communities

4. Safety

5. User communities

6. Functionality

7. Simplicity

8. Conservation

9. Simplify experience

10. Congierge

Team Strategy:

No strategy submitted.


Key Resources, Activities & Partners

Throughout the game, you’ll have the chance to increase your expertise on your key resources, activities and partners. The better your performance, the more likely you’ll be to achieve finance in the last round.

Customer Relationships & Channels

Below you’ll find an overview of your sales funnel and capital injections – a direct results of your investments in marketing & sales.

Overall Ranking

Below, you’ll find some extra awards that are handed out throughout the game and your overall EntrePulse.