Value Proposition

Below you’ll find an overview of your current value proposition, seen from the eyes of the customer. The customers are ranking your value proposition on 6 different product specifications. These product specifications are a direct results of your VP-decisions. Moreover, you’ll find your current product-market fit.

Customer Segments

Below you’ll find information about your customer segment. The higher your research score, the more you’ll uncover about the customer segment.


Customer Jobs:John wants a product that help him builds more muscles, that makes him feels independent and bring him to the next level. 

Pains:  John doesn’t like when people think the watch is cheap or the watch isn’t best watch in the market.

Gains: The life of John would be much better because everyone will see he can afford a watch. When the company will bring a new watch on the market John will buy it as firstone.

VP Cards: 

1. Superiority

2. Status

3. Personality

4. Mastery

5. Experiences

6. Engaging Technology

7. Engaging Functionality

8. Functionality

9. Personalized Service

10. Conservation

Team Strategy:

Please submit the answers of the assignment Our strategy for the last two rounds has relatively stayed the same. Our main focus has been on getting the best product to market fit, we have done this by doing extensive research. Furthermore, we have been focusing on offering a premium product with a broad service. Through the different stages of setting up our business we’ve adjusted ourselves to meet our objectives. Our team is on the same level regarding the strategic decisions. We feel that we are heading the right way and we’re keeping an open ear for new ideas. The marketing strategy consists of three channels. To give our project a financial injection we’ve chosen for sponsorships. Together with press releases and blogging we want to be able to go viral in an inexpensive way. We think our product will be a game changer, so we will be able to gain free publicity with our channels. Think about social media platforms like: TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat. Our sales prognosis is 50.000 watches for the first year. We want to achieve this by starting a pre-order sale (before production), this was the amount of 15.000. Another 35.000 watches will be sold after the production has started. This way we can fund our production due to the income of the pre-orders. The pre-orders will have a small discount of 10% on the product. Our growth strategy is product development. We want to constantly improve our services that come with our gene changing watch. This way we want to keep offering new services that come with our watch. We will have different subscriptions. In the launch of our product we will have two subscriptions offering services on the gene changing watch. One that is a basic subscription with training schedules and the other is more in depth, which tracks your body functions, like heart rate, temperature and blood composition (oxygen etc.). We want to up-scale by adding new subscription with new features for the watch. By doing extensive research we will always be one step ahead of our competitors. Due to the extensive research and our perfect product to market fit we will be the innovator. The competition will follow our innovations. Because we are one step ahead our branding will always have an added value. By having the best product to market fit we keep our knowledge on point, with the knowledge of the needs of our customers we can adjust fast and offer the right product with new innovations. This will make sure we keep the “unfair advantage” over our competition. here…

Customer Jobs: We’ve called our persona Alicia. She’s not fully convinced in Gene-technology based wearable. She’s not looking for the cheap/easy solution. Alicia is trying to always be one step ahead and showing others how to do things the right way. 

Alicia loves to share with like minded people about the right way to go and she also loves to hear and see how the people try to have a positive influence. 

Gains: The gains Alicia gets out of this its that it brings people together and helps improve the future of people’s life.

Pains:  Alicia doesn’t like unfair business because it puts other people down.

VP Cards: 

1. Environmental Sensitivity

2. User Communities

3. Conservation

4. Communities

5. Personalized Service

6. Safety

7. Simplify Experiences

8. Status

9. Ease of Use

10. Try before you Buy

Team Strategy:

What is your strategy for the last two rounds? First we had the strategy by doing a lot of research. Now we have changed our focus to have more attention for the other parts of the business and our customers. By changing our strategy we will increase market fit for our customers. Is your strategy internally consistent? In other words: are there team members who believe a different approach might also work? Our stragtegy is consistent, because all of our team members have the same vision. First our vision was doing research. Now we changed our strategy by having a broader vision on our company/customers and we are creating a better product for our customers. Describe your marketing strategy. What is your prognosis for sales? Our marketing strategy is focused on doing fair business, for a fair price. Our CSR-policy will be the center of our marketing campaigns. By doing fair business we will have a high revenue, with a small net profit. What growth strategy would you like to use? How are you going to scale up? Our growth strategy will be to keep developing new products and innovate the ones we already have. By doing this we expect our customers will become ambassadors of our brand. What are your current unfair advantages compared to the other teams? Why do you believe they are unfair advantages? The unfair advantages we have is that we already have a good product with a good market fit, but we don’t have a lot of reputation. So we still have the chance to grow a lot, compared to the other groups.

Customer Jobs: We’ve called our persona Jim. Jim may be interested in a wearable that is based on gene-technology. Jim has been an experimental personal all his life. For example. Jim was the first person to buy a drone in his neighborhood, but sadly crashed it after a week. When his neighbors asked, he said he did not like the look of it anyway and therefore it did not matter to him.

Pains: His neighbors were a bit astounded by Jim’s lack of care in regards to the drone but as Jim always says: ”It’s not about reaching the top of the mountain but the way towards it.”. After one these fun days of experimenting, Jim likes to relax in his Fritz Hansen chair, smoke an eco-friendly cigar and listen to the newest hits of Ariana Grande, which just came out that day.

Gains: Jim made a lot of friends while being as reckless as he his. Not that Jim cares, because Jim knows that he will have friends in the end. The people that do not like Jim is the bank. Jim has debts that are only increasing instead of decreasing and the bank is considering to freeze Jim’s assets. Jim made a fortune in the dotcom bubble but is also burning money as if it grows on trees.

VP Cards:

1. Engaging technology

2. Engaging functionality

3. Experiences

4. Superiority

5. Personalized service

6. Styling

7. Customization

8. Functionality

9. Automate experiences

10. Status

Team Strategy:

The company will always focus on creating more value for the target group, the main goal is to contribute on a positive change in the world and that can never be lost out of sight. It is and will always be the core of the business. To bring ‘The hidden Gem’ to the next level there are several strategies taken into consideration. The companies core value lies in offering value with the help of the product. That is why it will keep investing in research to improve the product. This strategy is called Product leadership (Treacy & Wiersema). Next to the investments in product development, there is also going to be invested in marketing strategy. The target group is mainly active on Facebook and that’s why the company will invest to advertise on this platform. The hidden Gem hopes to improve brand awareness with at least 20% before the end of 2019 and also a return of investment of at least 170%. This investment is necessary to reach a big audience and create a bigger community. It will provide an edge over competitors in the long term and it is also going to contribute to improving the market fit. With the help of these investments the grow strategy called Market Penetration can be set in motion and a bigger market share can be reached. The hidden Gems current disadvantage is the lack of knowledge and research in previous rounds. This disadvantage will be straightened after this round.

Customer Jobs:We have called our persona Paul. Paul is a very adventurous type when it comes to his lifestyle. He is highly interested in a wearable that is based on gene technology. Paul isn’t afraid to try new things. He’s always looking for the latest trends and products when it comes to technology and innovation.
He doesn’t care about the product as much as the experience that the products give. Paul pursues the products that spark his interests most. After creating his own experience he will be able to influence others in their decision making.

Pains: Paul likes to live new experiences. He also likes to learn new stuff. He wants an wearable that can facilitate him with new things. He is willing to learn about the intricacies about an new wearable. He would be happy if he could go outside for have a walk.

Gains: Paul is currently a very experienced buyer. He loves new features and is very interested in new things. But Paul is afraid that the new things he buys have few to zero new features. The new things needs to give him a new adventure. Paul is afraid that the new things he buys don’t give him the new adventure as before, when he was young.

VP Cards: 

1. not uncovered yet

2. Personality

3. Engaging technology

4. Experience

5. Environmental Sensitivity

6. Mastery

7. Superiority

8. Simplicity

9. Styling

10. Status

Team Strategy:

1. We have a platform for studybooks, for a monthly fee you will get access to all your studybooks. This means you don’t have that many cost any more. Also there is less waste of paper 2. We decided to focus more on the customer expectations. So we want to show what they can expect. 3. No 4. Our revenue model is a monthly or yearly fee. It’s based on the freemium model. 5. We need more efficiency.


Customer Jobs:

We’ve called our persona Pablo. Pablo is a very motivated and humble student. Pablo is interested in building relationships when buying a product, it is difficult for him to find a product to trust in. He’s doesn’t necessarily want something thats very luxury and expensive but just wants something that is easy to use. He likes to say where it stands on and when he’s not happy about something he’ll tell you. He is a guy who can buy something that’s really expensive but it doesn’t need to be maxed out with all kind of extra options, but only the necessary options.

Gains: Pablo’s life would be much easier if there is an product that fits his needs. Something easy to use and a brand in which he can trust. He doesn’t want anything that is really complex.

Pains: he cannot find any suitable products for demands? they are always too expensive or they do too many unnecassary things which he does not like.

VP Cards: 

1. not uncovered yet

2. Loyalty programs

3. Communities

4. Safety

5. User communities

6. Functionality

7. Simplicity

8. Conservation

9. Simplify experience

10. Congierge

Team Strategy:

No strategy submitted.


Key Resources, Activities & Partners

Throughout the game, you’ll have the chance to increase your expertise on your key resources, activities and partners. The better your performance, the more likely you’ll be to achieve finance in the last round.

Customer Relationships & Channels

Below you’ll find an overview of your sales funnel and capital injections – a direct results of your investments in marketing & sales.

Overall Ranking

Below, you’ll find some extra awards that are handed out throughout the game and your overall EntrePulse.