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Feel free to immerse yourself into the games! Please bear in mind that the games are facilitated by experts in all cases and also include a full workshop exprience including presentation, feedback, Q&A, literature, offline assignments, and so on.
While you can actually play a full round inside the demo, the results will not automatically be published, because one of the facilitators will need to run the game in the backend for you. Please buy a demo voucher in our store if you want us to run the results for you and share and discuss the outcomes with you. Feel free to contact us for more details about the demo.

Open Innovation Workshop

Play the demo of the Open Innovation Game and create the most balanced Open Innovation Score. With this demo you can earn discounts in our infographics store.

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Entrepreneurship Game

Play the short version of the Entrepreneurship Game. Are you able to create a Product-market Fit? Or even to raise some serious venture capital?

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Play the 6th round of a game that was played at the University of Luxembourg. You are team 4. Can you still beat team 5 in this last round?

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Innovation Management Game - Entrepreneurship Game
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