Innovation Management Game@ University of Luxembourg         Time: CET         Round:          Team:

Below, you’ll find the documents and links needed for this round. The documents and links will automatically be visible when a new round opens.

Round 1Monday March 8 at 14.00Monday March 8 at 20.00
Round 2Tuesday March 9 at 14.00Tuesday March 9 at 20.00Kick-off workshop: Tuesday March 9 at 14.00
Round 3Wednesday March 10 at 14.00Wednesday March 10 at 20.00
Round 4Thursday March 11 at 14.00Thursday March 11 at 20.00Feedback session: Thursday March 11 at 14.00
Round 5Friday March 12 at 14.00Friday March 12 at 20.00Players continue individually
Round 6Saturday March 13 at 10.00Sunday March 14 at 20.00Final Session: Monday March 15 at 10.00