University of Luxembourg
Innovation Management Game
March 20, 2024

Innovation Management Game@ University of Luxembourg         Time: CEST         Round:          Team:

Below, you’ll find the documents and links needed for this round. The documents and links will automatically be visible when a new round opens.

Time (EEST)ActivityDeadline
10.00Welcome & Introduction
10.45Play Round 1Submit results before 11.30
11.30Coffee Break
11.45Play Round 2Submit results before 12.30
12.30Prepare 2-minute Strategy Pitch
12.45Play Round 3 (Speed Round)Submit results before 13.00
13.00Lunch Break
14.002-Minute Pitches
14.15Quiz & Q&A
15.00Play Round 4Submit results before 15.45
15.45Individual Assignment
16.00Play Round 5 (Speed Round)Submit results before 16.15
16.15Share learnings from individual assignment
16.30Grand Finale