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In de wereld van constante verandering en innovatie vereist het navigeren van organisatorische transformatie zowel expertise als wendbaarheid. Met mijn bedrijf Innovative Dutch begrijp ik de uitdagingen uit de eerste hand. Met jarenlange ervaring als consultant en interim-leider heb ik de impact van dynamisch leiderschap op het stimuleren van betekenisvolle verandering gezien.

In deze ruimte bied ik op maat gemaakte oplossingen die zijn ontworpen om aan de unieke behoeften van zowel hogeronderwijsinstellingen als zakelijke entiteiten te voldoen. Van het sturen van organisaties door overgangsperioden tot het bieden van strategische begeleiding voor langetermijnsucces, mijn aanpak is gebaseerd op praktische resultaten.

Ontdek het scala aan interim-diensten en consultancy-aanbiedingen die zijn ontworpen om uw organisatie te versterken. Of het nu gaat om het opvullen van tijdelijke leiderschapslacunes of het bieden van strategische inzichten, ik ben hier om uw reis naar duurzame groei en innovatie te ondersteunen. Laten we samenwerken om uitdagingen om te zetten in kansen en de weg vrij te maken voor een betere toekomst.


Gamifying Open Innovation – A Dynamic Workshop for the Province of North Brabant & Baden Wurttemberg

Client Profile: Province of North Brabant & Baden Wurttemberg In response to a compelling request from the Province of North Brabant, we eagerly accepted the opportunity to design a gamification workshop for the "Open Innovation Day" in Baden Wurttemberg. The challenge was clear: create an engaging and interactive experience for approximately 70 participants, focusing on practical aspects of open innovation. Client's Request: A Gamified Approach to Open Innovation Our esteemed client, represented by Coen, sought a dynamic workshop to infuse energy into the "Open Innovation Day" in Baden Wurttemberg scheduled for March 19, 2018. The primary aim was to complement the theoretical sessions of the day with a hands-on, gamified experience that would captivate the audience. The Open Innovation Game: Participants embarked on a journey to execute an open innovation strategy for a virtual company. Teams engaged in friendly competition, aiming to build the most valuable business in the field. The game's variables included "Open Innovation," "Creativity," "Technological Excellence," "Strategy," and "Profit." The session concluded with the announcement of the winning team. Each participant received a personalized report, and further reading suggestions were made available online for continuous learning. Client's Background and Urgency: The Province of North Brabant was entrusted with organizing the "Open Innovation" game for the prestigious "Open Innovation Day" in Baden Wurttemberg. The urgency was palpable, prompting a swift collaboration to brainstorm and align our capabilities with the client's vision. Results: A Gamified Success Story The gamification workshop left a lasting impact, infusing energy into the Open Innovation Day. Participants not only gained theoretical insights but also experienced firsthand the application of open innovation strategies in a competitive and collaborative setting. Looking Ahead: Elevating Collaborative Learning Experiences This case exemplifies our commitment to creating dynamic, gamified experiences that enhance learning and engagement. If you're seeking innovative workshops to elevate your events or training sessions, Innovation is ready to collaborate. Let's transform learning into an exciting journey together!

Open Innovation Mastery at TU Eindhoven – A Decade of Excellence

Client Profile: TU Eindhoven - Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences For the past decade, TU Eindhoven's Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences has been at the forefront of innovative education, offering a course on Open Innovation that has consistently earned acclaim as one of the best in the Master of Innovation Management. The course, expertly co-designed by Jan Spruijt and Prof. Dr. M. Cloodt, delves into the intricacies of Open Innovation as a strategic framework. Course Overview: Building a Foundation in Open Innovation Introduction: The Open Innovation course at TU Eindhoven sets the stage for a deep dive into the strategic framework of Open Innovation, leveraging external knowledge to fuel internal innovation. Emphasizing the evolution from closed to open innovation models, the course addresses the current knowledge landscape's diversity and global distribution. Course Structure:
  1. Strengthening Foundations (Weeks 1-4):
    • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of closed and open innovation models.
    • Emphasizing the pivotal role of the business model in connecting internal and external innovation.
  2. Opening Up to Innovation (Weeks 5-8):
    • Exploring the outside-in perspective, involving collaborative modes like M&As, alliances, and CVC.
    • Understanding the crucial role of engaging customers through crowd-sourcing and co-creation.
  3. Broadening Perspectives (Weeks 9-12):
    • Discussing open innovation from the lens of small and medium-sized enterprises.
    • Unpacking the roles of inter-firm networks and business ecosystems in the research, development, and commercialization phases.
Learning Objectives: After completing the course, students can:
  • Differentiate between closed and open innovation models.
  • Recognize the significance of the business model and components of an open innovation business model.
  • Identify modes facilitating the outside-in and inside-out perspectives.
  • Interpret the role of lead users, crowd-sourcing, and co-creation.
  • Apply open innovation concepts to real-life situations, including the Open Innovation Management Game.
Innovation Management Game: A Game-Changer in Learning The Innovation Management Game, an integral part of the course, adds a practical dimension to theoretical learning. Students are immersed in a competitive, real-world simulation that mirrors the complexities of managing innovation. Through critical reflection, strategic analysis, and knowledge sharing, students not only reinforce theoretical concepts but also gain invaluable insights into the social dynamics of innovation management. Results: A Decade of Excellence and Continuous Evolution For ten years, the Open Innovation course at TU Eindhoven, enriched by the Innovation Management Game, has been a hallmark of innovative education. Innovative Dutch's collaboration in co-designing this course has contributed to its success, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the evolving landscape of innovation. Looking Ahead: Pioneering the Future of Open Innovation Education As TU Eindhoven continues to set the standard in Open Innovation education, we look forward to new chapters of collaboration and evolution. If you're seeking expertise in designing transformative courses, Innovative Dutch is ready to embark on the journey of educational innovation with you. Let's shape the future of learning together!

Inspiring Innovation at Kimberly-Clark through Customized Simulation

Client Profile: Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KCC) Our collaboration with Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KCC) marked a significant venture into transforming their approach to innovation management. Initiated through a conversation and further refined through detailed discussions, this project aimed to utilize our Innovation Management Game as a tool for training and cultivating a culture of innovation among Country Managers. Client's Request: Tailoring Innovation Training for Country Managers The primary objective was to customize the Innovation Management Game for a session with Country Managers from Latin America, scheduled in Bogota. The client outlined key requirements and expectations:
  1. Takeaways and Objectives:
    • Concrete takeaways for Country Managers post-game session.
    • Emphasis on innovation as a social process.
    • Understanding market dynamics, identifying unmet needs, and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • Active participation in the innovation cycle, strong communication, and integration into strategic planning processes.
    • Understanding KCC's Innovation Process:
      • Insight into KCC's Innovation Management Framework, a stage-gate model.
      • Measures of success for various stages within the innovation process.
    • High-Priority Innovation Topics:
      • Selection of key innovation topics for the session: Marketing/Branding Innovation, Ideation, Open Innovation, Business Model Innovation.
    • Special Terminology:
      • Introduction to special KCC terminology, including IMF (Innovation Management Framework), SBP (Strategic Business Plan), ABP (Annual Business Plan), IBP (Integrated Business Plan).
    • Challenges and Goals:
      • Understanding the challenges faced by KCC in the innovation process, including maintaining business attractiveness and achieving growth.
    Game Customization: The Innovation Management Game was tailored to align with KCC's internal innovation process, incorporating adjustments to the gameplay and content. The focus was on training, inspiring collaboration, and initiating discussions about innovation within the corporate culture. Outcome: Transformative Innovation Training Experience Our collaboration with KCC aimed not only to train but also to inspire a cultural shift towards innovation. The customized Innovation Management Game became a pivotal tool in achieving this goal. The immersive experience in Bogota facilitated engagement, collaboration, and the development of innovation strategies among Country Managers. Looking Ahead: Nurturing Innovation Excellence If you're seeking a partner to elevate your innovation training and foster a culture of creativity and strategic thinking, Innovative Dutch is ready to collaborate. Let's embark on a journey to nurture innovation excellence within your organization!

    Driving Innovation at Stora Enso’s Reconnect Conference

    Client Profile: Stora Enso Our collaboration with Stora Enso was centered around the customization and deployment of the Innovation Management Game during their annual conference, Reconnect held in Stockholm. The client sought a tailored experience to introduce different types of innovation strategies and enhance the understanding of innovation processes among around 260 management-level participants. Client's Request: Customized Innovation Workshop for Reconnect Conference
    1. Conference Details:
      • Approximately 260 management-level participants physically attending in Stockholm.
      • Conference streamed to other employees globally.
      • Customization Requests:
        • Combination of the main structure of the Innovation Management Game and elements from the Entrepreneurship Game for added fun and engagement.
        • Redevelopment of the game for two rounds with customized metrics and scores.
        • Creation of an offline experience with a small online aspect for final decision submissions.
        • Development of a completely online, self-explanatory version for remote participants.
        • Dedicated URL/server for the game to ensure smooth running and corporate branding.
      • Planning and Preparation:
        • Involvement of someone from Stora Enso with access to information on corporate innovation processes in game creation.
        • Live testing of the final version to ensure functionality.
      Game Structure and Content: The proposed game structure included four blocks aligning with Stora Enso's innovation focus: innovating corporate culture, product ideas/concepts, stakeholder engagement, and product functionality. Each block involved 20 minutes of decision-making, followed by 10 minutes of commentary on decisions and their impacts. A mix of our expertise and a professor from Aalto University provided relevant comments and links to Stora Enso's context. Post-Game Wrap-up: The game concluded with a comprehensive wrap-up, relating the results to Stora Enso's specific situation. The wrap-up involved a collaborative effort, potentially featuring our expertise, an Aalto representative with Stora Enso knowledge, and a member of the Stora Enso leadership team. Outcome: Immersive Innovation Experience The customized Innovation Management Game at Stora Enso's Reconnect conference successfully delivered an immersive experience that not only engaged participants but also provided valuable insights into innovation strategies. The interactive format allowed participants to make decisions, receive feedback, and relate the outcomes to Stora Enso's innovation context. Looking Ahead: Continuous Innovation Collaboration If you're seeking a partner for continuous innovation collaboration, Innovative Dutch stands ready to tailor experiences that align with your organization's goals and foster a culture of innovation. Let's embark on a journey to drive innovation excellence together!

      HRM Innovation Project at Han University of Applied Sciences

      Client Profile: Han University of Applied Sciences (HRM Department) Our collaboration with HRM at Han University of Applied Sciences involved spearheading an innovation project focused on addressing challenges related to workload, education innovation, and enhanced collaboration with the industry. The initiative aimed to position HRM as a leader in the field, especially as they approached a crucial accreditation process. Client's Request: HRM Innovation Proposal
      1. Background:
        • HRM is undergoing an accreditation process with a focus on becoming a 'Smart Region' contributor.
        • An innovation committee has been formed, addressing issues of workload, education, industry collaboration, and team structure.
        • Plans for innovation exist but require refinement and execution due to ongoing challenges and anticipated accreditation workload.
        • HRM sees an opportunity to become a frontrunner in the field.
      2. Scope of the Project:
        • Immediate focus on workload and industry collaboration.
        • Potential involvement in addressing questions arising from the accreditation process.
        • Team Change Process towards an innovative, self-organized team.
        Outcome: Strategic Innovation Roadmap The proposed project provided Han University's HRM department with a strategic roadmap for addressing workload issues, enhancing education innovation, and fortifying collaboration with the industry. The four-phased approach ensured a systematic and holistic transformation, aligning with the broader goals of becoming a Smart Region contributor and excelling in the accreditation process. Looking Ahead: Continuous Partnership for Excellence If there are further needs emerging from HRM's ongoing initiatives or additional challenges post-accreditation, we stand ready to continue our partnership, offering tailored solutions to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Together, let's foster excellence in education and industry collaboration at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

        Elevating the Marketing Curriculum at IMD

        Client Profile: IMD - International Institute for Management Development Our collaboration with IMD, a renowned global business school, centered on redefining and modernizing the Marketing curriculum within the Executive MBA program. Initiated by the Dean of the EMBA program, this project aimed to enhance the learning experience for part-time students participating in the Advanced Management Concepts - Marketing stream (AMC-MKT). Client's Request: Transforming Marketing Education The initial task involved the recruitment of a Marketing Expert to overhaul the online marketing stream, AMC-MKT. This module, part of the Executive MBA program, saw participation from part-time students with an average age of 41. The expert was entrusted with various responsibilities. Learning Material: The chosen textbook for the stream was "Real Impact Marketing" by Michel & Duke, emphasizing a practical and impactful approach to marketing concepts. We've provided feedback on the textbook for educational purposes. Evolution of the Assignment: As the collaboration evolved, the role expanded to reconstructing the overall marketing and innovation curriculum. The scope included the redesign of examination methodologies, emphasizing real-world application and critical thinking. Outcome: Modernized Curriculum and Enhanced Learning Experience Our collaborative efforts led to the transformation of the AMC-MKT stream, providing participants with a contemporary and practical understanding of marketing. The redesigned curriculum, examination methods, and ongoing feedback mechanisms contributed to a richer educational experience. Looking Ahead: Continuous Improvement and Innovation The case exemplifies our commitment to enhancing educational programs, keeping them dynamic, relevant, and aligned with industry trends. If you're seeking a strategic partner to elevate your academic offerings, Innovative Dutch is ready to collaborate. Together, let's shape the future of education!


        Client Profile: NV REWIN West-Brabant REWIN, a dynamic force in the West Brabant region, approached us with a clear vision — to accelerate business growth, spur innovation, and fortify their position as a hub for thriving enterprises. With a primary focus on supporting businesses through settlement and providing tailored services, REWIN aimed to enhance its approach to (open) innovation management. Client's Challenge: Bridging Ambitions and Processes REWIN, amidst a period of significant growth, identified a misalignment between their ambitious goals and the existing process-oriented approach to innovation management. The challenge was clear: How could REWIN streamline cluster initiation, maintain vibrancy, and ensure sustainable cluster growth while providing concrete output and showcases for stakeholders? Our Approach: Crafting a Tailored Open Innovation Workshop We tailored a specialized Open Innovation Workshop Series for REWIN, targeting key stakeholders Senior Managers and Business Developers in Maintenance, Biobased, and Service-logistics. Our workshop not only addressed the identified challenges but also aligned seamlessly with REWIN's overarching objectives. Workshop Objectives:
        1. Inspiration and Learning: Instill a sense of inspiration and provide practical insights for business developers, emphasizing real-world applications of open innovation management.
        2. Professionalization: Facilitate a platform for professionalizing REWIN's innovation management, aligning strategies with the organization's growth trajectory.
        3. Cluster Dynamics: Tackle the central question head-on by devising strategies to expedite cluster initiation, maintain vitality, and implement effective maintenance practices.
        4. Concrete Output: Guide efforts toward tangible results and showcase development, ensuring resonance with REWIN's stakeholders.
        Client's Desired Outcome: Empowered for Success Our workshop was designed not only to impart valuable knowledge but to equip REWIN's team with actionable tools. By encouraging participants to prepare in advance, we ensured maximum engagement and active participation. Results: Transformative Insights and Lasting Impact The outcome? REWIN now stands poised to take a significant step forward in achieving its ambitions. The organization is equipped with a professionalized approach to innovation management, primed to initiate, nurture, and showcase clusters effectively. Looking Ahead: Elevating Success Stories This case exemplifies our commitment to fostering excellence and driving growth in collaboration with forward-thinking organizations. If you're seeking a strategic partner to elevate your business or organization, Innovative Dutch is ready to embark on a transformative journey with you. Let's shape success together!

        Establishing the ‘Lectoraat Smart Business’ at Han University of Applied Sciences

        Client Profile: Han University of Applied Sciences Our engagement with Han University of Applied Sciences involved collaborating on the establishment of the 'Lectoraat Smart Business.' The initiative was driven by the university's commitment to becoming a leading knowledge center in the region, particularly in the development of a 'Smart Region' that integrates smart technologies and new business models. Client's Request: Lectoraat Smart Business Program Development
        1. Lectoraat Smart Business Overview:
          • Aimed to contribute to the development of a 'Smart Region.'
          • Focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in smart technology.
          • Supported by Centres of Expertise, lectorates, and education.
        2. Research Levels and Methodology:
          • Research conducted at three levels: exploration, implementation, and aggregated.
          • Student-centered research focusing on operational questions.
          • Lectoraat acted as a hub for organizations with innovation queries related to smart technology.
          • Explored the role of digital technology in shaping new business models.
        3. Positioning:
          • Formally positioned under the Institute of Business and Law (IBR), supported by the Knowledge Center for Business Development & Co-Creation.
          • Aligned with the goal of contributing to the Smart Region program.
          • Thematically positioned at the intersection of digital innovation, business models, and open innovation.
        4. Objectives of Lectoraat Smart Business:
          • Professional Practice and Society:
            • Develop knowledge and tools applied by organizations.
            • Contribute to the future professional profile of students.
            • Ensure systematic evaluation of product and service quality.
          • Education and Training:
            • Equip future professionals with skills for the digital era.
            • Update curricula in line with digital innovation, business models, and open innovation.
            • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for aligned programming.
            • Ensure systematic evaluation of product and service quality.
          • Knowledge Development and Sharing:
            • Establish an evolving knowledge circle guided by the lector.
            • Focus on design-oriented and action-oriented research.
            • Contribute to a robust body of knowledge in business models, digital innovation, and open innovation.
            • Supervise (aspiring) PhD candidates.
            • Facilitate knowledge transfer within and outside HAN.
        Outcome: Establishment of Lectoraat Smart Business The 'Lectoraat Smart Business' successfully commenced its operations, aligning with the vision of making HAN a knowledge leader in the Smart Region initiative. The program's structure and objectives were designed to ensure active engagement with the professional sector, enhance education offerings, and contribute to the body of knowledge in the defined thematic areas. Looking Ahead: A Journey of Continuous Learning and Innovation As the 'Lectoraat Smart Business' embarks on its journey, Innovative Dutch remains committed to providing ongoing support in realizing its goals, fostering a culture of innovation, and contributing to the development of a Smart Region. We look forward to further collaboration and success in the evolving landscape of smart technologies and business innovation.

        Innovation Management Game at Campus Party Brasil

        Client Profile: Innovative Dutch & SEBRAE Innovative Dutch, a Dutch startup specializing in serious games for professionals, collaborated with SEBRAE, the Brazilian Small Business Support Service, to introduce an innovative element to an event for Brazilian startups at Campus Party Brasil in São Paulo. Client's Request: Innovation Management Game at Campus Party Brasil
        1. Event Overview:
          • Campus Party Brasil, an innovation & ICT conference in São Paulo, hosting 150,000 visitors and 8,000 campus participants.
          • SEBRAE, the Brazilian SME service and main sponsor, partners with Innovative Dutch for an innovation competition.
          • 45 promising startups selected for the Innovation Management Game developed by Innovative Dutch.
        2. Partnership with SEBRAE:
          • Collaboration initiated to expand activities in Brazil leveraging SEBRAE's 8.5 million members.
          • The event serves as the kickoff for the partnership.
        3. Competition Finale:
          • The Innovation Management Game takes place during the week-long event.
          • Participants receive a package from the Dutch Embassy, and winners get exclusive opportunities, including interviews with notable figures.
        4. Expansion Plans:
          • Ongoing discussions with SEBRAE about expanding activities in Brazil.
          • SEBRAE's extensive network provides Innovative Dutch with significant opportunities.
        5. Outcome: Successful Collaboration and Exposure:
          • The collaboration with SEBRAE enhances exposure and engagement at Campus Party Brasil.
          • Innovative Dutch establishes a presence in Brazil and explores future opportunities.
        Looking Ahead: Building on Success in Brazil The success of the Innovation Management Game at Campus Party Brasil marks a significant step for Innovative Dutch in the Brazilian market. The partnership with SEBRAE not only adds value to the event but also opens doors for potential expansion and increased collaboration. As Innovative Dutch continues to make strides in serious gaming for professionals, the Brazilian market remains an exciting prospect for future growth and innovation.

        Transformative Entrepreneurship Game for Tilburg University, NHTV, and Avans

        Client Profile: Tilburg University, NHTV, and Avans Our journey with Tilburg University (TiU), NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, and Avans University of Applied Sciences began with a vision to revolutionize entrepreneurship education through an engaging and educational simulation game. Initiated Innovative Dutch TiU, Avans, and NHTV, this collaborative venture aimed to create a dynamic learning experience for students. Client's Request: A Groundbreaking Entrepreneurship Game Innovative Dutch expressed enthusiasm after our collaborative conversation, seeking to develop an 'Entrepreneurship Game' for TiU, NHTV, and Avans. The challenge was to design an immersive and educational game, aligning with the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship, particularly 'The Lean Startup' model by Eric Ries. Our Approach: Crafting an Immersive Learning Experience
        • Built upon the game model developed by Innovative Dutch, the game simulated a realistic environment enriched with game elements for optimal learning.
        • Grounded in 'The Lean Startup' model, the game covered pre-start, start-up, and scale-up phases of entrepreneurship.
        • Designed to cater to both HBO and WO students, adaptable to varying skill levels and academic domains.
        • Configurable to integrate seamlessly into existing modules, with optional extra modules for customization.
        • Offline assignments (plugins) added depth to the gameplay.
        • Depending on options, the game spanned 1EC-4EC.
        Client Collaboration and Co-Creation:
        • A denktank (think tank) was established, providing support in content, theory, and gamification throughout the development.
        • Co-creation emphasized joint development, with feedback incorporated in both the developmental and operational phases.
            Results: A Pathway to Innovative Entrepreneurship Education The collaborative effort between Innovative Dutch, TiU, Avans, and NHTV resulted in a groundbreaking Entrepreneurship Game. This case exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of educational gaming, transforming entrepreneurship education into an immersive and dynamic experience. Looking Ahead: Revolutionizing Learning Experiences If you're seeking innovative solutions to elevate your educational programs, Innovative Dutch is ready to collaborate. Let's embark on a journey to revolutionize learning together!

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