Group Simulations

High Intensity Game.
A high intensity session with a full game experience. Takes 4-5 hours. Can be played both physically and virtual/online.


Professional Game.
Two sessions with a day, week or month-long pause for optimal learning results. Takes 4-5 hours twice and 10-20 hours for in-between assignments.


Academic Game.
Virtual game with 1 (online) kick-off session and 6 rounds of 2-5 hours each that can be embedded in your curriculum (spanning 1 week to 2 months).


Up to 40 players for a session; extra players for a surcharge of 1,5%/player on base price.
Prices exclude VAT and traveling costs if wanted; otherwise we’ll facilitate live through our online platform.
Minimum of 20 players per game.
Prices exclude VAT & extra feedback sessions


My games and programs are hybrid. Please contact me if you have any ideas and I’ll try to make it possible for you. Examples:
✓ Combination of physical sessions and virtual rounds.
✓ Re-branding the game portal
✓ Adjusting the gameplay to industry standards, terminology or developments
✓ Adjusting the decisions to corporate standards and (theoretical) models
✓ Customizing grading, assignments, targets, et cetera.

Price Calculation Tool:

The form below gives a quote for the selected number of players and the different options selected.
Please contact us if you have specialized requests or want to develop a new or customized game or program.

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Innovation Management Game
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Entrepreneurship Game
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Innovation Management Game - Entrepreneurship Game