Serious Games for Serious Professionals

Increase engagement, learning outcomes and professional performance* with our top-notch and award-winning** games on innovation & entrepreneurship.

Play our Advanced Simulation in Innovation Management

Simulation game about innovation management, product development, open innovation, co-creation, corporate entrepreneurship & more…

Get an Introduction into Digital Entrepreneurship

Simulation game about Lean Startup, Customer Development, Value Propositions, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Trends…

Build Business Models for Strategic Challenges

A case-driven simulation game about business models, business model innovation, strategic marketing, strategic management & more…

Our Board Game optimized for shorter events or sessions

A physical board game version of our best-selling Innovation Management Game to spice up your course or event….

*Based on a 2016-study that included 500 course evaluations of universities before and after integration of the game. Course engagement increased with 14%, learning outcomes increased with 49% and (perceived) professional performance increased with 34%
**In 2018, we were awarded as a Top 10 Business Simulation Game world-wide.