Speaking Opportunities

Welcome to an engaging and transformative experience! As a seasoned speaker, Jan Spruijt brings a unique blend of scientific foundations, an academic tone, practical examples, stunning graphics, and humor to conferences. Delve into a world where complex concepts meet real-world applications, creating a dynamic learning environment that captivates and enlightens.

Key takeaways
After attending Jan’s sessions, conference participants can expect to:


Unleash and Harness Creativity: Effectively manage the paradox of fostering and channeling creativity in organizations.


Navigate Innovation Processes: Understand the mechanisms, systems, and processes behind commercializing new and innovative solutions.


Make Balanced Decisions: Make informed and balanced decisions regarding prioritization in the innovation process.


Foster a Culture of Experimentation: Realize the importance of a culture of experimentation and open collaboration.


Accelerated Learning: Learn quickly from team members, customers, and personal experiences.


Navigate Ambiguity: Effectively deal with ambiguity in the innovation process, removing roadblocks, examining risks, and using both analysis and instinct.

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Elevate your conference with a speaker who blends academic rigor, practical insight, and humor. Let Jan Spruijt transform your event into a dynamic learning experience that resonates with attendees.

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