Supercharge your innovation skills!

With the in-company training programs led by innovation and entrepreneurship expert Jan Spruijt

Professional Program

Duration: 10 modules

Fast-track Program

Duration: 5-8 modules

Specialist Course

Duration: 2-4 modules

After completing a training by Innovative Dutch, you:


Are able to manage the paradox of both unleashing and harnessing the creativity and entrepreneurial thinking in organizations.


Are able to understand the mechanisms, systems and processes behind commercializing new and innovative solutions.


Are able to make balanced decisions regarding prioritization in the innovation process.


Are able to realize the importance of a culture of experimentation and open collaboration.


Are able to learn quickly, both from team members, customers and yourself.


Are able to deal with ambiguity in the innovation process, removing roadblocks, examining risks and using both analysis and instinct.

Pick & Mix Modules

And if there is nothing of your choice, we’ll create something new for you!

Module 1

Business Model Innovation

This session has a strong focus on creating and capturing value as part of the innovation process. We’ll take a deep dive into value creation models, such as the Value Co-Creation Framework (Michel) and the Value Proposition Canvas (Osterwalder). We then build a brigde between value creation and business model innovation. We’ll learn how to (re)design innovative business models, based on the framework laid out in the Invincible Company (Osterwalder).

Module 2

Open Innovation

During this module we start by zooming in on the role of ‘trust’ in creating a culture for innovation, open collaboration and collegiality (i.e. Laloux). When understanding the phenomenon of trust in business deeply, we make the bridge towards different forms of open innovation – with a focus on open innovation in SMEs (Chesbrough; Lee). We will understand the nature of ‘innovation-driven enterprises’ as opposed to traditional SMEs (i.e. Murray) and discuss mechanisms on how innovation-driven enterprises tap into, and co-create the different elements of highly effective innovation ecosystems.

Module 3

Responsible Innovation

In this module, we’ll move the focus to the future. During the workshop we’ll introduce a scenario framework that helps us flagging technological trends and ‘red alerts’ of the future (i.e. Van den Burgt). We take time to understand ‘technological disruption’, dive into the ‘the diffusion of innovation’ and how companies can respond to ever-changing and unpredictable markets. We introduce a process of assessing the responsibleness of innovation – in order to design innovative solutions that have more impact.

Module 4

Innovation Ecosystem

An introduction into the (Schumpetarian) economics of innovation, a brief history of innovation, innovation systems and democratizing innovation.

Module 5

Innovation Management

A managerial module explaining how to design organizations in such a way that they accelerate seeking opportunities for innovation and harness possibilities.

Module 6

Innovation Methodologies

A detailed session into stage-gate funnelling and alternative approaches to structurally address innovation processes.

Module 7

Creative Thinking

Dealing with creative leadership to engage further into the fuzzy front end of innovation. We’ll discuss various creative thinking tools.

Module 8

Design Thinking

Explaining the role of design in innovation and business. We’ll includes methods for user research, design thinking and agile working.

Module 9


This module takes the business model canvas to a next level. We’ll introduce the topic of corporate venturing and help you enable corporate start-ups in your business.

Module 10

Innovation Strategy

Dealing with strategy is dealing with paradoxes. We’ll discuss a wide range of paradoxes and talk about the role of marketing in innovation.

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