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With the in-company training programs led by innovation and entrepreneurship expert Jan Spruijt

Professional Program

Customized program about leadership, inspired
experience entrepreneurs and innovators.

Online Program

Customized program with single modules on leadership, offered in an engaging online environment.

Specialist Course

Specialized leadership programs focused on C-level innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our programs, designed to prepare you for the technological, environmental, and societal challenges of today and tomorrow. Our offerings are crafted to enhance your leadership capabilities and innovation management skills, ensuring you stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our leadership courses are designed to cultivate personal leadership, efficiency, and innovation through a creative and entrepreneurial lens. We offer a range of specialized programs tailored to different leadership needs:

  1. Professional Programs: Customized leadership programs inspired by experienced entrepreneurs and innovators. These courses focus on developing leadership skills through practical, real-world applications, helping you become a more effective and inspiring leader.
  2. Online Programs: Flexible and engaging module-based courses that cover essential leadership topics such as personal leadership, time management, and team efficiency. These online programs are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, providing you with the tools to lead effectively from anywhere.
  3. Specialist Courses: Advanced programs targeting C-level executives, with a strong emphasis on innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. These courses are ideal for leaders looking to drive transformative change and foster a culture of innovation at the highest levels of their organization.

Inquisitive Leadership: Unlocking Innovation Through Open-Mindedness

Course Description: Dive deep into the art of inquisitive leadership, where curiosity drives innovation. Learn to wonder and question, explore and investigate, and challenge assumptions to uncover new opportunities and drive creative solutions within your organization.

Key Modules:
The Power of Wondering and Questioning

Techniques for Effective Exploration and Investigation

Challenging Assumptions to Foster Innovation

Assertiveness and Influence to effectively communicate ideas

Resilient Leadership: Navigating Challenges with Persistence:

Course Description: Equip yourself with the resilience to lead through adversity. This course focuses on sticking with difficulty, daring to be different, and tolerating uncertainty, empowering you to guide your team through complex and uncertain times with unwavering determination.

Key Modules:
Overcoming Challenges with Persistent Effort

Embracing Uniqueness and Innovating Boldly

Managing Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments

Resilience and Stress Management to navigate challenges

Visionary Leadership: Harnessing Imagination for Breakthrough Solutions:

Course Description: Cultivate your ability to envision and create imaginative solutions. Learn to play with possibilities, make meaningful connections, and trust your intuition to lead your team towards groundbreaking innovations and creative breakthroughs.

Key Modules:

Playing with Possibilities for Creative Problem-Solving

Making Connections to Generate Innovative Ideas

Leveraging Intuition for Strategic Leadership

Transformative Leadership to inspire positive change

Collaborative Leadership: Driving Success Through Team Creativity:

Course Description: Foster a collaborative culture within your organization where creativity thrives. This course emphasizes sharing the product, giving and receiving feedback, and cooperating effectively to achieve collective success and innovative outcomes.

Key Modules:

Sharing Creative Outputs for Greater Impact

The Art of Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Enhancing Cooperation for Team Innovation

Effective Communication to convey ideas persuasively

Disciplined Leadership: Mastering the Craft of Creative Excellence

Course Description: Balance imaginative thinking with disciplined execution to achieve creative excellence. Develop techniques, reflect critically, and continuously craft and improve your work to lead with both creativity and precision.

Key Modules:

Developing Techniques for Creative Mastery

Critical Reflection for Continuous Improvement

Crafting and Perfecting Creative Outputs

Ethical Leadership to lead with integrity

Strategic Thinking to drive personal and firm success

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