Value Proposition

Below you’ll find an overview of your current value proposition, seen from the eyes of the customer. The customers are ranking your value proposition on 6 different product specifications. These product specifications are a direct results of your VP-decisions. Moreover, you’ll find your current product-market fit.

Customer Segments

Below you’ll find information about your customer segment. The higher your research score, the more you’ll uncover about the customer segment.


Customer Jobs: We’ve called our persona Mike. He may be interested in a wearable that is based on gene technology. He’s honest and fortright and therefore is looking for something simple, real and “no-nonsense”. He is friendly and informal.
His primary requirements would be that the product remains simple, functional and intuitive, meaning that he wants the product to omit superfluous details to reduce complexity but that still has many useful and working features. He wants a tool that helps him to achieve specific goals in a very complete manner while keeping everything simple and without burdens. That could be achieved through algorithms with his personal information but he wants the data to be protected. The wearable should endure through time thus the battery and a guarantee should be available.

Pains: Mike struggles to use smarter gadgets because his main problem is that nothing on the market is simple and functional at the same time. He also is no show off and the typical gadgets are made for less discrete people than him. He’d like to have some more info about his performance without any effort and most importantly without having to worry about data security.

Pains: Mike would be very happy when he can get a simple gadget that is discrete and very easily usable. He wants to click a single button and have the mainline responses right away. It would be perfect for him to be sure that his data is protected. Validated experiences is a strong asset in simplifying his life. He would like to have straight forward features and efficient in his wearable.

VP Cards:

1. not uncovered yet.

2. not uncovered yet.

3. not uncovered yet.

4. not uncovered yet.

5. Automate experiences

6. Conservation

7. Safety

8. Experiences

9. Extended Guarantee

10. Personalized Services

Team Strategy:

Our under skin microchip has two main features. Firstly, the microchip has a main mode to send an S.O.S. signal via satellite 24/7 anywhere at any time. This signal is then collected by the company as soon as the owner is in danger. Secondly, the microchip recognizes when something is wrong within the human body. In fact, as soon as the blood pressure is starting to act weird or the human body is submitted to internal bleedings for example, the chip alerts the company and we can start to take care of the owner. Our solution is innovative and very futuristic. It responds to our customers’ needs for a 100% guarantee for safety at all time and anywhere. Additionally, the product will be injected into the market at an affordable price. Concerning our strategy, it has mostly not changed. We have decided to invest on the long-term development of the company other than on a short-term profit. Our goal is to invest on the team/staff, our partnerships and research, both customer and technology, to make sure we achieve the highest level of quality for the product. After all, the chip must be 100% effective and guarantee that our clients will be monitored for safety reasons at all times. We decided to keep the same perspectives on the customer segment because we have a product designed not only for a very specific kind of people but also for everyone at the same time. We believe that it has a lot of competitive advantages, like it’s a value for money product. Furthermore we offer endless guarantee in any problem that may show up and our customer service is available 24/7. The revenue model has two main incomes. The first one being when the customer buys the chip (when the main payment is made). Secondly, they have to pay annually for the maintenance and the insurance. Aligning it with the Customer Segment and Value Proposition, as soon as it is useful and functional for the customer, they won’t have problems in order to pay the annual fees. That means that the main point we have to keep on our Value Proposition is it’s functionality. As a conclusion, our team is growth oriented from the very beginning. Even if our position downgraded in the round 2, we still stay loyal to our initial product idea and our strategy. Now, when we are sure that we have a great product to offer, we continue making known our value proposition and continue getting to know our customers, but our focus now is expanding and growing. How? By collaborating with supply chain companies, brokers, universities and also by creating allies which share the same vision as us. Besides that, there always room for improvement that is why we admit we would need some more law and HR skills, risk taking daring and more useful partnerships (and here we mean mostly outsourcing).

Customer Jobs:

Mangu is looking for a bracelet with features enabled with cutting edge technology. This is something that is not yet in the market.

She is a tech freak and wants a wearable that can keep her on track while she does crazy adventures and parties outside her daily routine. She is easily bored.

Gains: She gets tired of her current wearable because lots of peers have the same product. She wants to try some new features every month, and wants to be one of the first customers who get these updates. While she enjoys the wearable, she just found the battery life is not up to expect, actually the frequent use drains the battery too fast. It would be nicer if the design is more fashionable and personal.

Pains: Mangu would be happy if the wearable bracelet could change its look every month. Keeping track with her daily activities, and analysing her interests, . It should track her data to provide new life experiences like extreme sports, destination wedding or adventure sports. Mangu will be very impressed if the bracelet tracks her vitals minute to minute and ensure that medical situations like stroke, cramps, fracture can be prevented. It will be great if she can get instant X-rays while doing adventure sports.

VP Cards:

1. Experiences

2. Engaging technology

3. Superiority

4. Status

5. Engage of functionality

6. Styling

7. Customization

8. Try before you buy

9. Personalized service

10. Environmental sensitivity

Team Strategy:

GROUP 2 (Extra-sight) Axelle Mimran Bolaji Shutti Eriselda Lako Raha Razavi Beena Adhikari Reza Arjomand. QUESTION1 : Our product idea makes life easier and more interesting. Extra-sight offers lots pop variety of features only in one product. It facilitates your daily activities. It seems like life is all in your hand. Extra-sight is a pair of optical glasses that is convertible into a fashionable bracelet. It is easy to use and practical. It also contains a translating ear-piece designed at the end off the frame which helps the customer pro receive live translation of surrounding conversations when being used. Elasticity of the frame, shatterproof, and the light weight are the extra features this product offers. On top this, lenses are sensitive to light, and they are able to change colour from normal optical lenses into a darker shade suitable to be used as a pair sunglasses. Most importantly, in order to meet the demands of our CUSTOMER P{ROFILE, Mangu, We have added on the EXTRA version, a fitness-tracker chip which allows the customer to track their fitness activities all through out the day. This feature is using the chip on our device communicating the data to our phone app so clients can have access to their performance easily. This feature responds perfectly to the demand of our customer profile who seeks an adventurous lifestyle. The product saves customers time and money. Now instead of having a pair of optical glasses, a pair of sunglasses and a bracelet, the customers can enjoy the benefit of having only one item that serves as the three. The fact that the customer does not need to search constantly for their glasses, sunglasses and bracelets anymore on daily basis, save them a massive amount of time as well. QUESTION 2: After observing the results from the previous round our team is now focusing on to improve affordability, functionality, the key resources and partners, on top of customer relationship and and channels. 1) In terms of Functionality: due to the fact that our customer target, Mangu, demands a product that respect his adventurous behaviour, we decided to add a new function to the product named “fitness tracker” that now allows the customer to track his daily activities. This function is available through a small sensor designed on the frame, that is functional both when the item is being used as a glass or as a bracelet. The data gathered during each day is transferred automatically to your phone APP so you can always check your activities on your phone. 2) In terms of affordability, the team decided to introduce the item to the market in 3 versions, BASIC, PREMIUM, and EXTRA. We segmented our customers. Based on their monthly income, and therefore their purchasing ability. Each person seems to be fitting to either of our segments . The BASIC version is designed for those with a salary of 1-2k which has the basic features of the product, the PREMIUM is designed for those with a salary of 2-4k which offers more features than the basic, and finally the EXTRA is designed for those with a salary of 4+ K with maximum features. In terms of key resources, we are focusing. On GOAL SETTING, by which the company is setting its goal to satisfy customers needs by adding fitting features to their demands. Also we are focusing to improve on personal growth of each of our team members, because this is what keeps us growing long terms and short term as a start up. We are also focusing to improve training and education, through which we aim to improve the knowledge our team members internally. QUESTION 3: As a high-tech device, we still believe the customer segmentation based on customer’s monthly salary is the best approach. Customers can select a device of their own based on their purchasing power, while enjoying the benefits and function of each category. The very UNFAIR advantage that our product offers, in our belief, is its multi purpose use. Comparing it to our “bracelet” customers the product is much more than just a bracelet, and compare to our “optical glass” competitors we are much more than an optical glass. We are a high-tech product that is a pair of optical glasses, a pair of sunglasses, and a bracelet all at the same time. Plus, it tracks your fitness activity daily. The other niche to our product is the ear-piece device designed at the end of the glass-handle which has the capacity to translate surrounding-conversations live. We believe, the product, now, has the ability to satisfy the needs of our customer , Mangu, perfectly, as it is offering features for his adventurous demands. QUESTION 4: Our team decided to form our revenue model based on “Web sales” and “Channel sales (indirect sales) . Through Web sales, the company is able to accept orders online on its website and deliver at the door. Also, the company is able to sell its product at the store through channels, who are mostly electronic stores such as Saturn in Luxembourg, optical stores, and few selected fashion stores. This way, the customer gets to see the product on display and maybe try out the item before purchasing. There is a 15% margin that our company offers to our selling channels so they can enjoy the benefits of selling our products. Also, in order to boost profitability, we can accept 1-2 advertisements on our website from only our partners. For instance, translating the ear-piece device is empowered by BOSE sound company or google translate, we can add their name on our website for a regular slight fee per month. QUESTION 5: Is your team ready for growth? What skills do you need in order to improve your team? Yes, our team is read for growth although we need to know our weaknesses in order to be more efficient. Our team needs to improve the following skills: The cost analysis and control as we need to fix the price for every types of the product in order to make it affordable. The management of our budget should be better established We hope to work on marketing planning so we can encourage customers to buy our product We want to improve our customer service as we adapt our product depending on the customers’ demands.

Customer Jobs: 

We have called our persona Romero. Romero may be interested in a wearable that is based on gene-technology. What he is really looking for is a product which improves his security in all kind of situations, anytime and anywhere. Romero wants something wearable that’s invisible for others and something that’s impossible to forget. Money is not an issue for him as long as the product increases his aplomb.

Gains: Romero is a risk taker person. He gets bored too fast and his decisions can become extreme sometimes. Our product will assure his safety while he is out, but, at the same time, it doesn`t involve any expensive insurance to pay.

Pains: Romero knows on his skin what pain is. He doesn`t want anything that would force him to rely on internet connection, a charger, electricity or a human etc.

VP Cards:

1. Ease of use

2. Simplicity

3. Experiences

4. Conservation

5. Personalized service

6. Automate experience

7. Engaging technology

8. Environmental sensitivity

9. Engaging functionality

10. Personality

Team Strategy:

1.The idea is to protect the people from high risk of unwanted casualty and providing them complete security with highest quality and comfort when wearing our suit. Our suit was made from high durable material using latest innovative gene and nano technologies. 2.As we got the low product-fit in the previous round, we would like to change our strategy by investing more credits on value proposition and also on key activities and resources. We invested 40% of our credits to value proposition block, 10% in key resources, 20% in key activities,10% -12% in partners and customer segments. We invested more on value propositions because we believe it will increase in the efficiency and quality of our product. It will also attract more customers and investors to our product. We also thought partnering with incubators, will attract funding therefore will reduce cost which will directly reduce the cost of our product. Also provide us with mentoring and training skills. 3. Yes we made a few changes on the customer segment as we thought it was only wise to concentrate more on the value propositions and improve on our product. 4.A revenue model describes the structure of how a company generates revenue as we know. Our revenue model is based on web sales but even in channel sales. Every company should pay attention to the model as it is important because depends on the revenues that will be brought. Even if our product is the best, its only useful when it will be in our target customers hand. So lets see some of the VP and CS that can align. We are engaging technology in the model. Technology is considered to be extremely important in business because it provides faster and more efficient methods. In our product, everything has to do with it. Has to do with smart features, we use scientific method of achieving what we want. Customization it helps because makes changes to the experience to meet customers specific needs. If their needs are completed at a product, we will have customer satisfaction which helps increasing revenues. Loyalty programs. Offering customers a product or service that customers can pay for over a longer period of time, usually month to month, or even year to year. Has to do with The subscription revenue model, he stays loyal to the company and receives continuously the product. About CS, longitudinal analysis arises when we measure a response variable of interest repeatedly through time for multiple subjects. Statistical analysis of longitudinal data requires an accounting methodology . if we make this kind of analysis, it will be more predictable 5. Yes, we are ready to grow considering the improvement of some skills and team work. We need to focus on the main problem and bring the solution of it. Also, we need to improve our leadership and communication skills. More focus to improve the work in a structural way.

Customer Jobs: Our customers name is Ben. Ben is a confident successful man interested in a smart wearable that portrays power. He is looking for a suit that is not only eye catching but is also bullet proof. Being of a high status Ben has made so many enemies and always has to watch his back.

Pains: Ben never used this kind of suit and is worried about its performance. Ben is worried he wouldn’t have a variety of suits to choose from.

Gains: He will have a powerful suit, with exceptional design and his personalized service. Ben’s status and honor will be visible to anyone. Ben will be more confident and feel more secured with his bullet proof suit.

VP Cards:

1. not uncovered yet.

2. not uncovered yet.

3. Experiences

4. Customization

5. Personalized service

6. Engaging Functionality

7. Status

8. Functionality

9. Congierge

10. Loyalty Programs

Team Strategy:

PRODUCT IDEA: Armor is a nano-tech powered, stylish, and bullet-proof GTSuit that can give 360 degree protection to VIPs like high profile people in Presidential and Bureaucratic posts with Government or Private firms. We are also targeting actors, industrialists, business tycoons with a high net worth who might need protection while going about their daily work. 1. The suit can repel 6500 rounds per minute and has extendable shades to protect the head too. This has not been matched by any other competitor in the market. 2. We provide highly personalized service to our client across the globe and around the clock 3. Ultra light, stylish tuxedo created of a combination of high quality textile and nano-particles. STRATEGY: Our strategy for this round was to concentrate on attracting partners. The main goal is to develop strong relations and to create alliances that will help us with resources such as distribution channels, manufacturing capabilities, project funding and capital equipment. Our product is designed for a specific customer segment that’s why we need the expertise of a professional broker who will speed up our growth by providing services such as mentoring and consulting.We want our product to be better than earlier. We are also focused on our customer needs and decided to invest in innovative projects, such as personalized service and engaging functionality. We have invested in Upskilling our teams and employee satisfaction. We can see the company attitude improving too. Last but not the least, we have invested in getting a forward looking view of the market and our lead users CUSTOMER SEGMENT: We have maintained our perspective on the customer segment since Round 1. Our USP is the storage cannister of Nano-particles. This helps Armor to regenerate faster than the other suits available on market. Armor is available in 5 different styles, all made of fine fabric from different parts of the world. It matches the style quotients defined by Armani and Vogue. REVENUE MODEL: Direct sales to retail clients. We leverage partners and their infrastructures to lower our cost of production, marketing and sales. We follow lean management principles to optimize our internal processes. This is how we maintain a good bottom line. Since our product is a high cost product to high net worth individuals, the sales automatically bring in a premium. GROWTH PERSPECTIVES: Yes. Our team is ready for growth. We have an internal and external team. We have invested in training and development, personalized growth and attitude improvement for the internal team. We need to accomplish lean management, TQM objectives and increase creative thinking. We have invested heavily in those. Last but not the least, we have invested in developing our external team through partners for supply chain management, marketing, innovation and mentoring. In all we have a good path ahead.

Customer Jobs: 

We will call our person Jack. He is interested in a wearable that helps to obtain a great skill or deep knowledge. He is not interested in style, having and loving fun or expensive wearables. The wearable must be unique which was previously impossible to find. Jack wants to wear a wearable produced with new and emerging technology to show his high level of knowledge and expertise.

Pains: Jack does not worry about being good but only want to wear something that gives him an opportunity to acquire more knowledge. He wants to satisfy his curiosity with a comfortable wearable. Jack finds what is already available at the market uncomfortable. He finds the products in the market out of date.

Gains:Jack would have a wearable which is comfortable to use. He would be interested in wearables that would increase his confidence and security. He would be happy to get a wearable. He would be happy to get the wearable that is sustainable and has the latest technology.

VP Cards:

1. Mastery

2. User Communities

3. Communities

4. Customization

5. Experience

6. Simplify experience

7. Easy of use

8. Safety

9. Try before you buy

10. Personalized service

Team Strategy:

We named our product the GEnX Glasses. The glasses are able to read your mind with our newly developed brain receptors based on gene technology. In just a glance of a second, the glasses can give you an answer to all your questions. With the bone conduction technology, we make sure that you stay under the radar and don’t attract the attention of your surroundings. A must-have for all the knowledge seekers. Get the information you need when you need it without even looking for it. Here is where we differ from our competitors like Google Glasses (unique selling point): We are discrete in every possible way. Our glasses look like normal ones and you don’t have to interact with it to get your answer. Just think about it and you will discreetly get your answer. Our value proposition stays more or less the same, we invested in cards that we didn’t take into consideration before like customization and experience cards. We invested that much in there so our product remains and gets even more market-fit. What changed in our strategy is that we almost didn’t invest in customer segment research (just the basics to get feedbacks) and a lot more in resources and activities. As we are a growing start-up we need dedicated people who are very invested in the company. For that, we need a strong ideology, goal settings and critical thinking. As for our activities, we need to grow fast, hence we want to give our resources the best environment possible. Therefore we invested a lot in total quality management and everywhere we could in the activities. We didn’t invest that much in our partners because we needed a stable in-house strategy in the beginning. We still invested in accelerators and incubators to give us a big push and a little in the supply chain to be more effective in the production from the beginning. We have changed our perspective on the customer segment in this third round, meaning investing less in it. The unfair advantage we had over others is that we invested hugely in the research in round 1, which allowed us to be more specific with the value proposition because we already knew our customer. Our strategy was to invest more in the customer segments in order to be able to create the best product possible, even if that meant being the last in the first round. That led us to be serein for round 3 and be able to almost not invest in research and to focus on our team resources and activities while delivering the perfect product. GEnX will follow an installed base and subscription revenue model. The installed base is about the software and being able to access the technology. Whilst the subscription will allow one to use the basic modules, then unlock additional features and the latest updates. The firm has invested in cost leadership to create a good “value for money” product which relates to customer needs for an “affordable” product. By establishing an attractive price, GEnX will create a larger user community (since our target doesn’t have the highest cashflow) that allows for the subscription model (it’s easier for them to pay long term) to thrive through the curiosity and the high-tech spirit that define the group. Therefore over time, GEnX can become a leader and be able to induce more business, especially out of a mature market. Given the models’ variability, the organisation has to reduce financial risks and costs by implementing an innovative and lean-approach. Proposing a sustainable financial strategy becomes a tremendous advantage when a price or trade war occurs, or there is a downturn in the economy. It is the companies with the best margins and operational performance that will have the greatest chance at survival. Finally, cost leadership also promotes the availability of more capital resources by generating higher margins. Therefore, making it possible to retain capital from each transaction. Over time, this creates additional equity which can be diversified in different activities and resources that can be used for multiple purposes such as further investments on core competencies or fund new growth. Following round 2, GEnX was not ready for growth, which can also be reflected in the Team Scan Diagram. To improve we invested a lot more points in our key resources than last round, to establish a strong foundations for GEnX’s growth. We focused on developing our HR’s Learning and Development sector. Additionally, we have focused on goal setting and employee involvement to be able to scale up. Finally, we invested in establishing a lean and innovative organisational structure with strongly defined processes and operations.


Key Resources, Activities & Partners

Throughout the game, you’ll have the chance to increase your expertise on your key resources, activities and partners. The better your performance, the more likely you’ll be to achieve finance in the last round.

Customer Relationships & Channels

Below you’ll find an overview of your sales funnel and capital injections – a direct results of your investments in marketing & sales.

Overall Ranking

Below, you’ll find some extra awards that are handed out throughout the game and your overall EntrePulse.